Weather, etc.

Living in Oklahoma is nothing at all like living in New York, where I am from. I grew up outside of the city, near the mountains. Yes, New York State has a lot more going on than just New York City. It’s beautiful there. Lots of trees and rivers.

One of the major (and I do mean major) differences here is the weather. There are a lot of differences, but this is like, MAJOR. First of all, we had seasons. Distinct, complete seasons. Winter acted like winter and was cold and had snow. Summer was hot and muggy. In fall the leaves turned colors in a long, slow month of autumn. Spring was stunning with flowers and birds.

In Oklahoma, there seems to be two main seasons. Tornado and Fuck This. It’s hotter than the Sudan in summer and there is no such thing as “a nice, soft rain”. If it is raining, there will be floods, or ice, or a deluge or some other random, crazy thing. Once it rains, there is mold and nastiness. There are also bugs. A billion bugs. A trillion, billion nasty flying bugs. Very noisy bugs. They also have a wide variety of dangerous, venomous bugs, plants and snakes here. So, you know. I basically just love it. Wicked awesome.

Tornado season lasts about 9 months. It’s every bit as dramatic as you’d think. People here ignore the sirens for the most part and yes, the stereotype of standing in your yard looking to see where it’s coming from is TRUE. People do stand in their yards here. I’ve seen people sitting on their porches in the rain, drinking beer and watching the storm. It is the craziest, crazy thing I have ever seen. Seriously.

You’d think, what with all the crazy weather they have here that there would be more storm shelters. There aren’t. People don’t install them just to install them. No, you have to have a contractor come out and install them. I had someone come out from Storm Shelters OKC to install mine. Seriously, I was having panic attacks every single time the weather was getting rough and Porthos was not having that shit at all. He’s a New Yorker and don’t like this random, weird shit going on outside.

I had mine put into the garage so that we could just chill in there. I put a comfy bed and a cat stand down there for my buddy. We’ve got food and water and even TV. It’s cozy and comfy, actually. And it beats getting sucked up in a tornado while drinking beer on the porch.