Today in the life of Ben

Porthos and I have had a lovely adventure this weekend. We went camping at Lake Eufaula. Yes, I go camping with my cat and he loves it! We spent the weekend hanging out in a cabin in the woods. I’d love to take him camping in a tent, but quite frankly, neither of us are really outdoorsy, we just like being in the trees. Porthos spent the majority of his time watching birds and chittering with squirrels, while I spent time writing and painting. He likes to help me paint, but he’s not very good. Don’t tell him I said that. He’s emotionally fragile and fancies himself to be one hell of an artist. To be honest ,though, he’s probably a better artist than I am. I enjoy doing it and find it soothing so I do it.

It was great to get away from everything for a weekend. I’ve recently broken up with my longterm girlfriend. Between that and school, I needed some solitude and relaxation. I wish that the cabin had a little spa, but I doubt Porthos would have gotten in the tub with me. He’s funny about water, you know.

I’d like to go do this again as soon as possible. Hell, I’d like to *LIVE* there. It’s beautiful and tranquil. Spiritually soothing. I need to part of nature on a regular basis. Humans bother me and I can’t quite get my head wrapped around living in the city. Even though where I live is somewhat away from people (I am lucky enough to own my own home north of Edmond, near Guthrie.) I still need to get away completely now and then. Since I prefer the company of animals, it’s only reasonable that I like spending time alone, with my cat. Don’t you think?

Anyway, it was a great weekend. Worth repeating.