One of the weirdest things I’ve seen here is how people are so very religious. Like, it’s a brand or something. If you are rich or upperclass you belong to one of the .tv churches and you wear all kinds of hoodies with their name on it. You put it on your car and talk about it. A lot. Just like people in my hometown talked about Lululemon or The Giants. It’s SO WEIRD. It bugs me out!

It’s like they don’t even know what they are on about, but if you are one of the cool kids, you belong to this church.

They also spout religious stuff everywhere. I finally went to Wal-Mart for the first time not long after I moved here and there were people, in the parking lot, praising Jesus. Talking about, being covered in the blood of Jesus and asking for people to give them an amen. Literally, wandering around in the parking lot, preaching. Back home, or in the city, dudes like that would have been arrested or beaten up. It was seriously one of the craziest things.

People were cheering them on and slapping his hand. Nobody told him to shut up or fuck off or anything. They’d just praise Jesus and move on. Then, once I got inside, people were literally talking about the bible and bible lessons. Spouting some crazy gibberish. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, we have church back home and a lot of people are Catholic but we also have a lot of pagans and new age folk running around too and this wouldn’t have ever been cool, ever, anywhere. Not even in the church parking lot. Religion is a personal thing, not a brand name there.

I don’t know how much longer I can stay here. I have another year left of school before I can go to vet school. I have to graduate with my BS first. Once I have finished undergrad I can apply elswhere. I’ve already applied to OU and been accepted, but I don’t know that I am going to stick around here. I mean, it’s just too different.