Cats and Dogs

One of the things I have learned about Okies since I came here is that almost everyone hates cats. Literally hates. They seem to hate cats, atheists and any kind of food that doesn’t have a drive thru. Seems to be the going thing here. It’s kind of insane, really. I miss being able to go down to the diner and get a veggie burger. Here, finding a veggie burger is almost impossible. If you don’t eat meat, you aren’t a real man. Right?

I stopped eating meat six years ago, just after I met Porthos. I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything that had a face after getting to know him. It’s a personal thing and I really hate eating meat. I hate the way it smells, the way it looks. All of it. I used to love getting a philly or eating a cart dog when my friends and I visited the city. But, after becoming an animal lover, I realized I couldn’t eat anything that used to have feelings, especially if I am going to be a vet. How can I care for and heal animals if I am going to eat them?

There is a lot of flak here about people who don’t eat meat being some sort of crazy assholes. People take one look at me, and how big I am and assume that I like football, eat red meat five times a day and all the other stereotypes of big men. Truth is, I am reader and a thinker. I love animals, especially cats. I drink tea over coffee. I am covered in ink and it’s… everything that is not the idea of masculine here. Which is really, really weird to me.

I tried to date for a while when I first got here, but the girls were different than what I was looking for. Midwest girls are nice and everything, but a lot of them seem to not be able to think for themselves. They’re focused on weight and being pretty, finding a nice husband and having babies. I want someone who thinks for herself and is gentle. It’s weird, but I am having a hard time finding that here.